The Future Wall

Pioneering the Future of Smart Digital Signage

The Birth of The Future Wall

Welcome to The Future Wall, where innovation finds life, and brilliance takes center stage. We are a trailblazing force in the realm of smart digital displays, weaving technology and imagination into captivating experiences that redefine the way brands connect with their audiences.

The Vision: Igniting Brilliance, Empowering Visions
Our journey began with a visionary dream – to revolutionize the world of digital signage and empower brands to tell their stories with unparalleled brilliance. Founded in late 2019 by Krishnan Naranapatty, The Future Wall’s inception was rooted in the belief that technology could create artistry, bridging the gap between businesses and their customers like never before.

Our Visionary

Krishnan Naranapatty’s visionary leadership infused The Future Wall with a spirit of daring innovation. His dedication to customer success inspired our team to go above and beyond, continually seeking ways to enhance the value we bring to our partners. With Krishnan’s guidance, we forged strategic partnerships, expanded our reach, and embraced the latest advancements to create an ecosystem that blends art and technology seamlessly.
Kaay Innovations laid the groundwork for The Future Wall’s success, fostering a culture of innovation, creativity, and customer-centricity. With Krishnan Naranapatty at the helm, Kaay Innovations brought together a team of extraordinary minds who shared the founder’s passion and vision. Together, they embarked on a journey of discovery, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the realm of digital displays. We set forth to empower brands, both big and small, with an ingenious solution that made smart marketing accessible to every visionary dreamer.

Our CEO – Venkatakrishnan (VK) A Journey Redefined: From Sales to the Summit
Meet Venkatakrishnan (VK), the driving force behind The Future Wall’s meteoric rise. VK’s journey from a humble background as a sales professional to the pinnacle of visionary leadership is an inspiring tale of determination, innovation, and unwavering passion. Rising from the ranks of a sales professional, VK’s keen insight and relentless pursuit of excellence propelled him into the realm of visionary leadership.
As the CEO of The Future Wall, VK brings to the table a unique blend of experience, innovation, and the undying passion to create brilliance. His journey from sales to leadership mirrors the very essence of our brand – transforming possibilities into reality, illuminating pathways to success, and championing innovation that sets new standards.

Our Team

Our Professional Team

Unleash brilliance with our expert team shaping The Future Wall’s vision. Meet our visionary CEO, Venkatakrishnan (VK), and founder Krishnan Narayanapathy, a startup catalyst.

Krishnan Naranapatty's

Krishnan Naranapatty's

Founder & Managing Director
Krishnan, founder of Kaay Innovations, sparks success with The Future Wall, a catalyst for startups and innovation.


Co-Founder & CEO
From sales pro to visionary CEO, Venkatakrishnan's journey ignites innovation at The Future Wall, leading us to new heights.


Head of Operations
He is the wizard behind the curtain, orchestrating The Future Wall's brilliance with finesse and flair. Client-centricity and attention to detail is his Mojo!
Dinesh Prabakaran

Dinesh Prabakaran

Manager - Field Operations
Dinesh transforms visions into reality lighting up every corner. He achieves brilliance across every display ensuring flawless execution.

Company Timeline

Embracing Change and Creating Impact

Our Journey Through Innovation

Resilience Amidst Adversity

Forging a New Path

Though the pandemic posed challenges, we faced them with unwavering determination. Delaying our debut until 2021, we emerged stronger, shifting our focus to a subscription model that provided smart displays, content management applications, and maintenance services, accessible to businesses of all sizes.

From Pilots to Progress

A Journey of Growth

Our journey saw triumphs and lessons, as we embarked on successful pilot installations of 50 screens across Tamil Nadu by April 2021. Through operational challenges, we honed our craft, learning and evolving as pioneers in the digital marvels arena. As of March 2023, we proudly celebrate the installation of 150 screens and counting, with the brilliance of our displays capturing the hearts and minds of customers across various industries.

Crafting Custom Solutions

Brilliance Redefined

At The Future Wall, we believe in the power of uniqueness. Understanding that every brand has its own story to tell, we offer tailored solutions that set new standards in digital signage. Our team of passionate minds combines technology with artistry, creating displays that breathe life into brands’ narratives and create lasting impressions.

Gratitude and Partnership

Together Towards Brilliance

None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the unwavering support of our partners, customers, employees, and stakeholders. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our extraordinary adventure.

Embrace the Future

Illuminate Brilliance

As you step into The Future Wall’s world, you embrace a future where imagination knows no bounds, and technology weaves a symphony of brilliance. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we empower visions, redefine digital experiences, and illuminate a path towards greatness.

Our Mission

5000 Screens by 2025

From the very outset, our mission has been clear: to revolutionize the world of smart digital displays and take it to every corner of the nation. By the year 2025, we envision a future where 5000 screens, adorned with The Future Wall’s brilliance, will illuminate the lives of countless individuals, bridging the gap between brands and their customers. Our mission is audacious, yet invigorating: weaving a mesmerizing symphony of experiences, illuminating the lives of countless individuals, and reshaping the very fabric of marketing

A Future Fueled by Dreams

As we march towards our mission, we remain steadfast in our commitment to shaping the future of smart digital displays. We’re not just building screens; we’re crafting immersive experiences that resonate with audiences, amplifying brands’ stories, and inspiring connections that last.

In-Store Branding Solutions

Set up and run a digital signage network, including displays, media players, and mounts.

Brand Experience Management

We help create, manage, and schedule content for your digital signage network.

Ad Network Management

Round-the-clock hardware and software maintenance, as well as troubleshooting and repairs.

Signage Software Subscription

Interactive and targeted DOOH solutions on a cost-effective subscription model

All Features

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Today, The Future Wall stands tall as a symbol of innovation, creativity, and unwavering dedication. Our journey is far from over, and we invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure. Together, we can create a future where technology and human imagination merge seamlessly, transforming businesses and elevating customer experiences to unprecedented heights.